Friday, September 24, 2010

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 Play as Mario in his Kart , avoiding rocks and collecting stars for bonus points. A very simple fun game , plus highscore save.

This is a simple mini game version of MarioKart for your windows mobile device. You play as Mario , avoiding the rocks comming towards you and collecting stars for points.


Tap left side of screen to move left and tap right side of screen to move right.


1)Collect stars to earn 500 points each.
2)Avoid rocks , if game over , the game will auto-restart.
3) Your current score is to the left and your high score is to the right next to mario charactor.

 CloseSudoku is a logic-based sudoku game for Windows Mobile Devices with touchscreen. It contains 90 games in 3 difficulty level.


  • Two input modes: Numbers can be filled in by clicking on the board and selecting the required number or you can choose a number and then place it on the board ('Popup' and 'Single number' input mode).
  • Users can change the application skin (colors, elements size).
  • Information about the last play and solving time for each puzzle.
  • Prepared for multilingual translations.
  • Display resolution independent (successfully tested on Samsung Omnia i900 and HTC TyTN 2.).

Application installation:

  • Download the game.
  • Decompress (unzip) it to your computer.
  • (You can change application settings in unzipped config.xml file)
  • Copy all the files to your mobile device.
  • Run ClosedSudoku.exe from your device.

      •                                  DOWNLAOD

      •  2012
Destroy all the asteroids heading towards the Earth.

Some rumors about 2012 were true. The end of the world is near. In 2011 scientists found a huge group of asteroids heading towards the Earth. Secret sattelite with weapons is humanity's only hope for survival, but we need someone with the sharpest eye and fastest reflexes. Are you the right man for this job? This game is Missile Command clone for Windows Mobile. The aim of the game is to destroy all the asteroids with the missiles fired from your satellite before they hit Earth. There are 3 game modes:
  • Campaing: there are 5 waves of asteroids each level and there are 15 levels. Each level is harder - more asteroids or faster asteroids.
  • Time attack: destroy as many asteroids as you can in 20 seconds.
  • Survival: survive as long as you can defending agaings infinite waves of asteroids.
Each game mode has 3 game difficulties. In campaign mode you can buy health, more missiles, nuke and improve your missiles' speed.


 A standard shoot 'em quick basketball game. Aim by pulling down and back on the ball, using the red dot that shows up as an indicator. See how many shots you can make in a minute-your high score will be stored and displayed at the top. See who can get the highest score!


Multitouch Space
The First Multi-touch Game for Single-touch devices!

This is a Multi-touch game, but for Single-touch devices! (Demo version)
You can control it with two fingers and shoot by blowing in to the microphone

- Multitouch!
- 3D Sound
- 3D View
- Fire by Blow (in to the Microphone)

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  1. I love Multitouch Space game, I will download, install and play this game.