CorePlayer 1.3.6 Skins PPC




Windows 7 build 7068 Skin

Very functional and beautiful. Establish such topics as usual. Either through. Cab Fail, or copying in the appropriate folder. In this topic, it is possible to scroll sliders as well as on desktop Windows.

System requirements: WM2003 - WM6.5
Screen resolution: VGA (480x640)



AndroidLock v1.30

AndroidLock is an application that replaces the default Windows Mobile 6.5 lockscreen, with a lockscreen that looks similar to the Android OS Vannilla Lock. It features a new way to display time and date, ensuring the user can see clearly what day and time it is. The lock slider is fingure friendly and beautiful, providing ease of use and eye friendly looks.



SPB Mobile Shell Theme Galaxy Android Style [WVGA-VGA]


1 "Start"+"Wait" bouncing Sony Ericsson Logo skin

- CAB installer contains shellres.192.DLL only

Green Sony Ericsson logo for START icon
Green Sony Ericsson bouncing logo for WAIT animation
- All other icons will remain stock

- SE_Start+Wait-Green1.CAB
- Install sdkcerts first !! (I signed the system file with a private developer certificate)